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Frangipani & Neroli - Cochine-UK
Frangipani & Neroli - Cochine-UK
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Frangipani & Neroli - Cochine-UK
Frangipani & Neroli - Cochine-UK
Frangipani & Neroli
Hand & Body Lotion

"This gorgeously light texture is quickly and easily absorbed, leaving skin soft, supple and perfectly moisturised." - WORLD OF INTERIORS

Enriched with natural extracts of sweet almond oil, argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera, this soothing lotion is quickly absorbed to leave skin feeling hydrated and looking visibly smoother. All our hand & body lotions are paraben free.

This exotic fragrance combines smooth, honeyed tones of frangipani with the delicate freshness of neroli. Neroli is a most treasured oil in south east Asia due to the huge number of orange blossoms required to make even the tiniest amount of this precious golden oil. 


300ml (10 fl.oz.)

Cochine hand & body lotions have been developed with a rich but light texture to ensure they are quickly absorbed, even straight after washing your hands, and leave skin feeling soft and perfectly moisturised.  


Remove the plastic safety collar and then press the pump a few times to activate. Press pump once or twice depending on amount of lotion required and massage into hands or body.


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