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Carefully crafted with botanical wax, our luxurious candles are made to deliver the perfect dose of fragrance to your space. A few top tips will help make sure that yours burn evenly, preserving their scent and prolonging their burn time. Read on to discover our founder Kate’s helpful hints on candle care.

How long to burn your candle 

This is much debated amongst the team!  There seem to be two schools of thought here - those who love lighting a candle for a short sharp burst of fragrance in the evening, and others who love nothing more than a candle burning in the background for hours.  I think a lot of it depends on the size of the room, the time of day and occasion, and also the fragrance.  I find that some of our stronger, more heady fragrances lend themselves to shorter bursts of burn time.  In general though, we suggest people burn our candles for an optimum time of 2-4 hours. This gives the fragrance a chance to fully develop without the wax becoming too hot. A minimum of 2 hours will also make sure the wax can burn to the edge of the candle, leaving an even finish, ready for next time. 

How to trim your wick

Trimming the wick is boring but really important to get the best results from your candles.  If the wick is allowed to get too long, it produces a larger flame which can cause sooting around the glass. Most annoying of all, bits of it can fall into the molten wax which are a pain to get out!  The best time to trim the wick is when your candle has fully cooled. Try to keep it around 5mm long for best results.

Re-using your silver glasses

This is a trick I learnt a while ago, but it really does work well. The easiest way to remove the remnants of wax left when you’ve finished burning your candle is to put the candle jar in the freezer for a few hours.  The cold makes the wax contract, and then the leftover wax should just drop out.  I re-use our silver glasses as vases and put them along the table – they look brilliant.

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