Diffuseur de Parfum

Containing the finest essential oils, Cochine reed diffusers will visually and aromatically give your room a unique and subtle elegance. Arrange between 4 and 8 rattan reeds into the bottle of essential oil and let them absorb the oil to create a perfect background scent for your home.

The rattan reeds can be left unattended or you can remove the reeds and replace the stopper for occasional use. Inverting the reeds or increasing the number of reeds will strengthen the fragrance.

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Vietnamese Rose & Delentii - Cochine-UK

Vietnamese Rose & Delentii

Reed Diffuser £60.00

Tuberose & Wild Fig - Cochine-UK

Tuberose & Wild Fig

Reed Diffuser £60.00

White Jasmine & Gardenia - Cochine-UK

White Jasmine & Gardenia

Reed Diffuser £60.00

Frangipani & Neroli - Cochine-UK

Frangipani & Neroli

Reed Diffuser £60.00

Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom - Cochine-UK

Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom

Reed Diffuser £60.00

Vanille & Tabac Noir - Cochine-UK

Vanille & Tabac Noir

Reed Diffuser £60.00

Agarwood & Amber - Cochine-UK

Agarwood & Amber

Reed Diffuser £60.00